A company newly formed for this development, Burnley & Barnfield Developments Ltd, commissioned us to develop a brand, not for a business or a product but a place.

This development in the area known as the Weavers’ Triangle has been anticipated for many years. Our brief was to come up with a name as well as a look that would reference the geography and history of this location but be primarily forward looking.

Whatever we came up with had to be evocative of the number of uses that are planned for the site, including education, leisure, business and accommodation.

Our solution, ON THE BANKS, can be used in all these situations, whether it be Opera ON THE BANKS, Business ON THE BANKS or Inspiration ON THE BANKS.

The title becomes a strap for the activity.

The visual device is equally flexible. A white logo on any colour or photographic background, starting with a dark grey in its initial stages. The brand will over time adopt a range of colours reflecting the exciting developments on the ground.