Padiham Town Team came to us to develop a modern brand for Padiham, with a real focus on retail and events. We wanted the brand do be as flexible as possible and simple to use and recreate.


The visual identity is simply constructed with two horizontal bars. these represent the geographical structure of retail in Padiham, the High Street.


To match the strong bars an equally strong typeface was used within them. The history and heritage of the town is very important to the people who live there, so the strapline was added to referred the past in a very clean and clear way.

We researched the town and used interested facts to create the Padiham Story. This story focuses on four key areas of the town: High Street, History, Hall and Heart.


We wanted the brand to give a sense of ownership to the retailers and shoppers in Padiham. To do this used facts from the story to inform and educate them of the towns offer, activities and history, creating a place they felt around to be from.


The brand allows a level of playfulness with the addition of flourishes, illustrations and other more visual elements.


Behind the strong typography we used recognisable photos of Padiham but treated in a way that gave them more drama, forcing the viewer to see them in a new way.


The Padiham website serves as a hub for retail, events, gatherings, offers and it hold the story for everyone to read. By building it on a content management system we gave the ability to keep it active and up to date to the retailers and residents.

Future products and developments

The next phase in the brand involves creating a stronger link with the Gawthorpe Textiles Collection and to develop products for sale, so watch this space.

“Creative Council have worked hard to create a brand with a contemporary feel, which recognises the heritage of Padiham and creates a clear sense of place.  The team have taken the time to listen to and work with local businesses to develop an attractive and easy to navigate website”

Catherine Price, Padiham Town Centre Manager