Life in the Mill is a short film used as a backdrop during the launch of On The Banks. This joint venture between Barnfield Construction and Burnley Council has seen massive changes to the area of Burnley known as the Weavers’ Triangle... change on a scale unseen since the industrial revolution.

The launch event celebrated the future of the area with the iconic new canal footbridge, the University Technical College and premier chippy, Banny’s on the Banks, whilst acknowledging the area’s deep association with Burnley’s industrial heritage with respectful architecture and newly commissioned artworks.

Echoes of Burnley’s Past

In keeping with this, our video was filmed at Queen Street Mill to evoke the sights and sounds that would have been part of 19th Century life On The Banks. Sound was the real star of this piece. Workers learned to lip read amongst the noise of the weaving sheds. Our video built to a massive crescendo (for the sake of listeners at home, we’ve turned it down a bit for this online presentation).

Life in the Mill

The full eight minute film provided a taste of industrial life and aural atmosphere for one of the most important and eagerly anticipated developments in Burnley. The launch event introduced colour to the On The Banks brand; part of our long-term scheme that saw the logo in slate grey during development, now bursting into colour.