We were commissioned to follow a group of local school children from Burnley’s Pupil Parliament as they visited some of Burnley’s businesses. It was a fascinating¬†tour as their enquiring minds asked questions that we might never have thought of.

We trust you’ll enjoy this tour, it was a lot of fun to film.

At Aircelle they learnt about the aerospace industry – a cornerstone of Burnley business and a part of a global company.

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Oscar award winning company AMS Neve showed the children their range of sound mixing equipment that is used by all the major film and music studios around the world.

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Car part manufacturers Futaba Tenneco showed an infectious enthusiasm as we toured their factory, paying particular notice of the robots. The children also learnt some Japanese!

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At Jon Spencer textiles the children were able to get hands on experience making a giant textile.

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Children InBusiness – inspiring the next generation

All the companies were exceptionally welcoming and truly inspiring for the young visitors who¬†showed an impressive understanding of the processes and products that they were shown.