TRW is part of a world wide company primarily concerned with car manufacturing. The Burnley branch specialises in the manufacture of switches for heating controls, windows, indicators. In particular TRW make short runs of parts that the original manufacturer has abandoned.

We were brought in to make a video to promote the company to new markets. Over a couple of days we filmed production lines and processes as well as interviewing key members of staff.

With the company’s goals in mind, and a raft of new knowledge about the after market car part trade, we provided a compelling voice over. The film tells the story of the one time Lucas factory that transformed itself into a modern, clean, safe, and award winning Burnley success story.

A second film was commissioned on the back of this. For internal and visitor use, we highlighted the main health and safety procedures at the plant. TRW gave an exemplary health and safety record, and this short film is a reminder of how important that is to the company.

“We had the idea to produce a short film to demonstrate our capabilities to global customers. We approached the team at creative council as we were impressed by their previous work.

We mapped out the project together and in a very short and enjoyable period we had an excellent film.

This has now been shown in global customer facilities including Chrysler, Ford and GM in Michigan with really positive results.

I can recommend this team without hesitation…”

John Kennedy, Operations Director, ZF TRW