Burnley College hosted Work Inspiration Day for children from five local schools to come and have a look at what the world of work might offer them.

creative-council were there, showcasing our graphic design work and getting the kids involved in a short animated film.

The brief was simple. Draw one of three Burnley landmarks. We provided paper, pen and reference materials for Townley Hall, Singing Ringing tree and Rain Bow Gate, the latter situated right outside the college. It was a really busy day, with the room regularly flooded with students, many of whom were enthusiastic volunteers.

We set up a digital camera attached to a laptop to get the drawings into the computer as soon as they were done.

Here’s the film:

We think they did really well. Collectively it really works, capturing a little of the energy and enthusiasm we experienced on the day.

“Chaotic and fun; transforming energy and enthusiasm into artwork and design.”

Paul Barlow
creative-council Designer