Baskin Robbins Seasonal campaigns

Baskin Robbins Seasonal campaigns

We have worked along side Baskin Robbins UK in producing various campaigns. Summer campaign using a pop art graphic style with a summer feel to promote the new Sherbet Shake along with various other items. The Winter campaign rightly so was all about those hot treats to make you feel warm from the inside out.

Across both campaigns we have a large printed element to fulfil that needs to be instore ahead of schedule. This ensures that stores can brief their teams ahead of the launch etc and get additional buy in by having an exciting campaign to push.

The pop art style was a perfect fit with the summer campaign as it was bright and eye catching across all the formats we designed for. The winter campaign ran either side of Christmas so couldn’t be to focussed on that so kept the winter theme in mind and created a bespoke snowflake window poster that would be in the store  windows highlighting the buy one get one for £1 on the hot treats.

Two very successful campaigns that increased footfall, spend and secondary spend with the use of vouchers. Showing that the use of cohesive and joined up well thought out design has longevity and can still look fresh over the period the campaign lasts.

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