Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership

Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership

Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership scheme seeks to bring Pendle together, restoring and conserving heritage and landscape, whilst reconnecting its people with the past, and creating a sustainable future for the area.  

Pendle Hill means many things to many people. It was going to be a real challenge to bring it all together visually.

We had to develop a brand for them that could represent 12 very different projects, as well as communicate the idea of ‘gathering’ the people and places together. It had to, somehow, represent the hill, without using its famous profile. Its famous slope looks very different from the Pendle side and the Ribble Valley side, with each side claiming their view to be correct!

Our branding solution uses a birds eye view. The resulting jewel shape is made up from connecting outlying villages and areas to the hill in the centre. The colour scheme represents countryside (greens) as well as the Pendle Radicals, such as George Fox and Selina Cooper (purple). Fresh photography was commissioned as part of the new brand, showing the area’s variety and complexity.

Our brand clearly badges the work of the project and can now be seen throughout the area. Further work includes notices, infographics, fliers, walking guides, a Farmer’s Guide, and interpretation panels in collaboration with local illustrator Cath Ford. 

Led by the Forest of Bowland AONB, and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership Scheme continues to make a difference in the area, bringing people and place together.

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