Rochdale Animation

Rochdale Animation

It’s always a pleasure to produce animation (difficult and time consuming, but, yes, a pleasure). When Rochdale Council wanted help with their fostering services we were delighted to produce  two short animated films for them. 

The first explains, in simple terms, the fostering process. A step-by-step guide with friendly characters and a timeline at the top so that potential foster parents can get a clear idea of what happens when. It’s a soft approach for something people can find very daunting.

A more targeted advert, looking for foster carers for teenagers, centred on all the important life events teens go through that you can be a part of. The exams, the break ups, the adventures, moving out to college. This was a lot of fun to illustrate!

Animation is a great way to engage with your client’s audience. It can be more imaginative, flexible, inclusive and cheaper than attempting the same thing in live action. 

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