We’re a small team with a ton of experience in all the fields that graphic design now covers. Websites, video, brochures, newspapers and magazines, window vinyls and building wraps. Communications, big and small.


When the internet became a thing (you remember), Paul was there, pulling it to bits to see how it ticked. He now produces state-of-the-art, responsive, SEO ready, database driven websites. Which, if you’re looking for a website, is just the kind that you need.

On a break from coding you’ll find Paul illustrating comic books, maps, cartoons and colourful characters.


MJ likes order. He sorts things into their proper place, dispensing with anything that should not be there and in doing so, produces beautiful designs and powerful logos and brands.

A keen photographer and videographer, MJ brings his sense of order and artistic sensibility to capturing high quality digital imagery and sound.


Like a graphic design athlete, Richard’s good on a quick sprint advert, or a marathon web design project. A stickler for detail, he ensures that the team pulls together to cross the finishing line together and in first place.

Richard is also fully qualified to detail your motor car, but that would have to be in his spare time.